søndag 9. februar 2014

The blog is moving!

I've been running this blog in parallell with my blog-thingie on tumblr and at this point I feel there is no point of having two identical blogs. Therefore, I'm shutting this one down, but the tumblr will keep on trucking just like before. Heck, maybe with some more updates as well (if I can get twitter and tumblr to work somehow).

Head over to my tumblr to continue following my work.

Thanks everyone.

torsdag 6. februar 2014

Zodiac Fringe Sample Page

Here's a page sample of how the final comic book will be like in Zodiac Fringe. Without any text, though.

søndag 2. februar 2014

Harald Hårfagre

So, I'm trying and failing and trying some more at silkscreen printing. This time I'm making a mess out of reduction screen printing. So, as an image to be slobbered down on some piece of paper, I've decided to do a portrait of Harald Hårfagre (Fair hair), the first king of a unified Norway. Mostly because I'm doing a viking themed semester this time around.

søndag 26. januar 2014

Stormy Sea

Yet another water colour study. This time of a stormy sea. Sea will be a key component in my next big water colour piece.

søndag 19. januar 2014

Stephen Fry

I just started a new watercolour sketchbook and to make it as interesting as possible, I have got Stephen Fry to narrate it for me. Fry, of course, is a multitalented actor, comedian, novelist and tv-presenter among many other things. He's known for Blackadder, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, QI, V for Vendetta, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Gadget Man, Harry Potter audiobooks and The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy (movie and audiobook) to name but a few. Also, he is the king of Twitter.

This is what the foreword says:
Good evening, good evening, good evening and welcome to Thomas Kirkeberg's watercolour sketchbook. I'm Stephen Fry, you humble servant in corduroy and I will be narrating this book. Unfortunately, I'm only a picture and it is highly recommended that you imagine my voice in your head while reading the notes. This will help tremendously, if you're having a rather stressful day. So, DON'T PANIC, relax and enjoy the content of this book.